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    This is one of Zivorad’s latest methods and now replaces the previous Shallow PEAT.
    Basic PEAT can be applied as Self-Help or with a Client. Basic PEAT is fast and easy. It should be used as soon as possible to quickly rebalance after any upset. Basic PEAT can be given to others without training, so it is important that you learn it well.
    (Both Shallow and Basic PEAT can be given to Clients)

    In Basic PEAT, we use the Chestpoint and 3 additional acupoints, all around the eyes: 1st Eyept- Inside, 2nd Eyept- Outside, 3rd Eyept- Under Eye.
    New is introduction of bilateral stimulation on both sides of the face, 3 eye points on the left and 3 eye points on the right. These are stimuated alternating from Left to Right and back again until all 6 eye points have been stimulated. Ideally, you will also switch hands as well to maximize the crossover hemisphere stimulation of the brain.

    Deep PEAT will also utilize these same 3 eye points.
    In all levels of PEAT, there is no tapping of the points, just touching.

    Basic PEAT can be used Self-Help (Solo), with a Client, Surrogate and Multiviewpoint/Circular.
    This same application framework will also be used with Deep PEAT.

    You will need to print out your handouts and I suggest you put them in a Notebook so you can organize your notes, your sessions, and your questions. These handouts are for your use only and are not to be shared. Any exeption to this will be clearly indicated.

    NOTE: Please complete your quiz before the next class. This helps me to know what areas need more instruction as well as move the class knowledge ahead as a group. I teach to the needs of each class, help me help you.

    Basic PEAT Processing Instruction and Self-Help Demonstration 4:10
    In this short 4 minute video clip Karen shows the Basic PEAT acupoints, discusses the alternating of hands and face, SUD, running a modified Statement if the SUD is not “0”, Circular Processing, Stabilization.

    Note: in all PEAT work, we emphasize the 4 Elements: Sensations, Images, Thoughts and Emotions (SITE) In Basic PEAT work we will just notice any of the 4 Elements that surface. In other methods we will work with the 4 Elements specifically, and not necessarily in the sequence of S,I,T,E.

    New to BASIC PEAT is the application of bilateral stimulation of the acupoints.
    This corresponds with the crossover effect of the brain’s hemispheres: the right side of the body affects the left brain hemisphere (the logical/thinking side) and the left side of the body affects the right hemisphere (the intuitive/feeling side)

    Installing Light is a good way to stabilize and ensure the benefit of the work.
    Note: Zivorad is now emphasizing Pineal Breathing, so as you allow that Waterfall of Light to enter the the crown chakra and fill you, especially bring your attention to enlightening the Pineal gland, breathing in the Light there. Some people do this naturally, others may need prompting.

    Basic PEAT (BP) Self Help and with a Client

    Part A -Learning Goals and Terms
    1. Application- realignment of energy in the Heart/Mind/Body Spirit complex
    a. BP applications and limitations
    b. Explanation of acupoints-3
    c. Alternating Left and Right sides of face with Left Right hands if possible
    d. Explanation of SUD- Subjective Units of Distress 0-10
    2. Terms- acupoints, Set-up Statement -FESS/FAM, SUD, Stabilization, Expansion Technique, Opposition, Future Opposition, Forgiveness, Use of Light, Activation, Surrogate and Multiviewpoint or Circular Processing.

    Part B -The Basic PEAT Process
    1. Interview- demonstrate the acupoints, explain the process
    2. Interview- listening to, defining the challenge
    3. Interview- goal setting and grounding
    4. Creating the Set up Statement (FESS/FAM)
    5. (Optional) Energetic reversal correction methods to ensure success
    a. “Ducks Beak”
    b. “Left Nostril Breathing”
    6. Running the BP Protocol
    a. Set-up Statement and 3 acupoint sequence, alternating Left/Right
    1.) Complete all 6 Eyepoints (3Left, 3Right)- SUD Check
    a. If “0” proceed to Stabilization
    b. If Reduced, run again, “ET I still feel some___…”
    c. If it won’t discreate, go to Circular Processing

    Part C –Stabilization and Activation
    1. (optional) Expansion Technique -Expand the Pleroma state in all 6 directions (like a cube 1st, then as a sphere or sun)
    2. Checking for Opposition – “Is there anything that opposes the resolution of your problem? or “Is there anything that opposes you being ok about______?”
    a. If ” NO, I’m free of opposition “, proceed to Future Opposition Check.
    b. If “YES”, I have opposition”, you run Basic PEAT on that opposition
    c. If it involves another person, you Circular Process from their position as well.
    3. Future Opposition Check- Check the future-“Do you think or feel –that your problem could return in the future, against your will?”
    a. If “NO, if I exert my will, it will not return” then, proceed to Forgiveness.
    b. If “YES, I feel I will be _____in the future” then, run Basic PEAT on that concern, doubt etc.

    4. Forgive/Install Light
    a. Long Version
    1.) Imagine a sun overhead. Fill with its Light
    2.) Touch the chest point while repeating:

    “I accept that God has allowed a world in which people sometimes experience (the challenge).
    I forgive all humans and other beings for playing their part in my experiencing conflict and confusion around (the challenge).
    I forgive myself, for creating and maintaining my experience of conflict and confusion around (the challenge).”

    b. Short Version
    1.) Imagine a sun overhead. Fill with its Light,
    2.) Touch the chest point while repeating:

    “I forgive myself, others and all situations for my experience of this conflict. I am thankful and I let this Light help me integrate this new understanding into my daily life.”

    c. Private/Silent
    1.) Say:
    “Imagine a sun overhead, allowing its Light to fill you from the top of your head, flowing all the way to your feet, allowing forgiveness, acceptance and release of this challenge.”

    5. Activate- Say: What can you do (what action can you take, including changes in thought and emotion) that will help you stay conscious of this new awareness?
    Part D -Surrogate and Multiviewpoint Processing

    1. Preparation
    b. Consider the purpose and ethics, formulate setup statement (FAM/FESS) to Highest and Best Good (HBG) if possible
    a. Preframe for HBG and for psychic safety
    1.) I am now going to surrogate process for the highest and best good of_____ When I am finished, my energy will separate cleanly from their own.
    2.) I am no longer______I am now _________.

    2. Surrogate Basic PEAT- processing for the benefit of a third party
    a. One’s own Body
    b. Another Human/Being
    c. Animal
    d. Plant
    e. Situation

    3. Multiviewpoint/Circular Processing- discharging from other relevant points of view using Basic PEAT
    a. One’s own Body
    b. Another Human/Being
    c. Animal
    d. Plant
    e. Situation

    Video Demonstration of Basic PEAT

    Audio Files
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    2. m1_Basic_072209

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    3. m1_Basic_010608
    4. m1_Basic_010708
    5. m1_Basic_010808
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    7. m1_Basic_011508
    8. m1_Basic_031208a
    9. m1_Basic_031208
    10. m1_Basic_050808
    11. m1_Basic_070908
    12. m1_Basic_091008

    1. M1Basic_102407
    2. M1Basic_103107

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