• Welcome To Karen Gould Life Coach & Trainer

    The universe is an energy field full of change and opportunity. In life, change is the only constant. As a professional in life coaching, Karen Gould Life Coach & Trainer can help you embrace that change and turn your life into something beautiful.Life coaching has been a passion of mine for years, and sharing my ability to read energy and offer energy remedial techniques has helped many people just like you change their lives for the better. Become the person you want to be today.Our clients deserve the quality of life they’ve always wanted. Together I can help you identify the negatives in their lives and change them into positives. I can train you to establish true goals and work towards attaining them by ridding their life of negative energy that is only weighing them down.

    As your life coach trainer, I will work with you in both your private and professional lives as they both make up the whole of who you are. To gain inner peace and maintain a positive lifestyle you must help your clients understand that they are a complex being with multiple facets that influence their thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.

    You can help piece their life together by allowing my life coaching techniques to aid you in finding their inner self and how to show them no longer suffer from their unconscious sabotage, unidentified influences, and the negative energy present in life.

    Happiness and suffering is often optional, and you can control those emotions. My mentoring techniques can teach how to show others to accept the challenges they face as a welcomed transformation. Change in your life is both natural and inevitable. Learning to adapt and develop themselves can bring their life to a peaceful level that’ll leave them loving life.

    Start your journey as a life coach by calling me today. As a Dallas, TX life coach trainer I offer my services via phone, Skype, and online. Specializing in individual mentor and life coach training, Karen Gould Life Coach & Trainer can change lives, and it can change yours.