• REFOCUS- What Makes You Really Happy?

    This is Your Life! Let's find your JOY LOOPS!

    RECONNECT- To yourself, others and the world.

    Be where you are, in the situation you find yourself. Move from there.

    RELEASE- Let go of what no longer serves you

    Suffering is optional. I can help you embrace change.

  • Life is about changes. Embrace your change. With every moment opportunity awaits.

    Change is the only constant. We live in a time of great change and transition, everything is changing quickly and overwhelm is everywhere. Careers change, relationships change, our families change, our health changes and our desires change. As a Certified Life Coach, I can help you reduce your stress and gain insightful clarity on where you are and where you are going.

  • Karen Gould, Life Coach

    “ We cannot solve problems at the level we created them ”
    ~Albert Einstein

    Thank you for finding me. My offering to you is help you experience the challenges of your life as learning opportunities. I believe it is all here for our learning and any life challenge can be transformed. There is no challenge you are facing that affects only one area of your life. Your personal challenges affect your professional challenges, your physical challenges affect your mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. IT IS ALL CONNECTED- Body/Mind/Spirit. We are learning this. Daily. Solutions are found in a likewise holistic approach. I hope you will call me and just take up my offer for a free coaching call. Then you decide the right step for you.

    The personal development methods I use can all be shared by phone, Skype, or in person.

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  • Life coaching is just that, a coach for life's experiences. Everyday we all struggle at some moment. Stress that goes unattended is detrimental to all levels of being- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Emotional and mental distress affects our personal and our professional lives, they cannot be separated. I take an integrative, holistic approach, helping people everyday, at all levels of their lives.

  • I offer specialized workshops in person and online. Give me a call. I train individuals, couples and groups. Locations can be local in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex or anywhere in the world via the internet. I can teach you for self help work and to work with others. You can mentor and assist others with their changing lives. I am happy to dovetail a workshop or training to the interests of the individual or group. I can teach on the subjects of Women's Challenges, Couples Work, Divorce, Career Changes, Grief Recovery and Health Issues.

  •  I have a Meetup group serving the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex.

    If you would like to host a Self Improvement Meetup in your area, please feel free to contact me.

    I can lead a Meetup for general Self Improvement or focus the exercises to the interests of the audience.

  • Contact Me

    I am happy to gift you a consultation coaching session. Please feel free to write me.
    Share with me your current situation and what area you would like to see improve.