• An integrative approach to Life Coaching is a holistic approach. Goal attainment must address the challenges to the goal and these challenges are an energetic environment from which the desired state must emerge. To address the goal, one must address the challenge. Every goal/challenge is engaged at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of being. Unconscious self sabotage is fulfilling a need that can be addressed. Greater coherence of self is the work before us.

    "Wellness is defined in many ways, but all agree that it is more than the absence of disease. Wellness can include a broad array of activities and interventions that focus on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of one's life."
    ~Executive Summary; White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practice

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  • We must heal, grow and thrive on many levels

    In the preservation of life, including one's own, we must also address the quality of life and those factors that define and enhance the experience of it. To lessen the emotional, mental and spiritual suffering experienced with a physical ailment is to facilitate the inner healing environment. In the prevention of physical disease, factors other than physical are part of the balance in an experience of manifest health. Conversely, unaddressed emotional suffering eventually takes its toll on the physical body.