• I hope these Testimonials will give you an idea of the progress people make and how valuable they feel coaching sessions are for them.

  • Thank you Karen. Amazing session. Still feeling good/processing....yesterday went very well with positive
    results in business affairs as well as communicating with others getting
    what I need when in the past, a day like yesterday
    would've gone in the opposite direction :)
    ~Erik Y.

  • DRAMATIC shifts in my life

    Hey Karen,
    Just wanted thank you again for the weekly coaching. I've experienced some DRAMATIC shifts in my life, especially in the area of my finances.
    When I did my first session with you, I was making about $2,000 per month from my own business. A few weeks ago, we cleared up the issue of me feeling guilty around certain aspects of my business, and we set a goal for making $10,000 per month.
    Well, it's been almost a month now and so far, I've made $22,495.30 in profit! That's way beyond what I expected and I am thrilled!
    I am so grateful for your coaching and guidance! Thank you!!
    ~ Tony W. California

  • Life altering Session

    This work has been life-altering. I was definitely skeptical but tried this work on repeated suggestion of a trusted friend. Thank God I did! My mind and soul has gone through a complete and total metamorphosis. I have combined the Lord and this work and I have truly been born again. I only had one session. Thank you, Karen for all your encouragment and patience throughout our session. I feel wonderful. I am wonderful.
    ~Love, Kimberly

  • What PEAT has done for me

    It’s very difficult to put into words what PEAT has done for me. I can point out specific things, for example--I no longer feel broken or worthless. I no longer want to die even though I spent most of my life wishing I would. I haven’t felt suicidal in years. I am actually present in my body these days; I’m no longer out of myself and off to the side. I am in a great marriage to a kind man who loves me, listens to me and makes me laugh. I am the mother of a beautiful, happy, healthy little boy.
    Today I can allow this level of joy in my life. This is wonderful and amazing--and it only happened because PEAT let me clear away the backlog of trauma in my life.
    How does PEAT work?
    We all have experienced traumatic events. Image each event is a household appliance. You have a toaster, a blender, a food processor, a microwave, a washer, a dryer, a TV, a computer, a printer, and a couple of fans all crammed into a tiny space running at full tilt. You're drained and overwhelmed. You can't sleep well, the power drain is intense, and you think "This can't go on, I'm losing my mind." PEAT processing unplugs the appliances. It's that simple. It doesn't remove the traumatic event from your awareness--it's not like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" It just takes away the power. You realize it's quiet and you're whole. The appliances or memories of the trauma are still there, but now you don't pay attention to them. You can think, concentrate, sleep--and your power bill is normal.
    ~ Leslie B. Fort Worth, Texas

  • Session-Thanks for giving from the heart

    Hi Karen, I want to thank you for the session you gave. It was thoughtful and you were there step by step with whatever I was undergoing. Even though sometimes there was disconnection, which affected my attention still you were able to assist in moving on. And also you went beyond the time allocated to extra time just to make sure that the issue was resolved completely. Thanks for this giving from the heart.

    Thanks again for the Process and for your assistance. Mohamed salim, ~A.D.

  • Session- Self Talk has Changed

    Dear Karen: Thank you so much for all the information. I can't thank you enough for your support, patience and intuitive guidance during the PEAT process. To be totally honest I'm not sure what has moved on in me as back here in Saudi I have been processing like mad, so much is coming up, especially related to self worth. My self talk whenever there is change I don't like has been negative. So the same tape is playing in this environment but tenfold. However, my awareness is greater. Like peeling an onion, another layer surfaces. I am so grateful that you have guided me through a process which I can use daily and which works to integrate the whole person. For me personally, when emotions come up totally unrelated to the event that is happening and with the help of PEAT, I am able to process and release.
    What I did became aware of during our sessions in the US is a feeling of relief that I now have the means at my disposal to process these negative feelings which may start out as one thing but through the process lead to quite a very different and core feeling emerging. After my process, I felt a lightness, a shift and a relief that I did not have to carry this baggage around any more. I feel I need to go on a course to really appreciate/understand in more depth.
    When I get in touch with emotion, and use the process I do sometimes feel this is just a mind game and not working which is of course another block!!
    Blessings to you and the process. Please use any part of what I have said as I truly believe this is a very fast and affective process, given the understanding and effective use.

    Blessings. Kind regards ~Andrea G.

  • As the Author of the PEAT System, I recommend Karen Gould to you for both personal PEAT processing and for learning the PEAT system. I have received numerous international replies in response to her excellence in administering the PEAT process. Karen received her training directly from me in Chicago, IL in 2001. Since then she has assisted many through PEAT processing and achieving neutralization of Primes. Karen is the first in USA, authorized to train PEAT Processors. As I further develop the Spiritual Technologies I encourage you to work with Karen, her enthusiasm for sharing PEAT has (14) years of proven results.

    ~ Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski

  • Great Workshop
    Thanks again for a great workshop! The highlight was to experience John going to Primes. Most of us, like you, had tears of joy for him.
    Dr. David Santoro

  • Training- amazing work

    Thank you so much for the series of phone classes about these techniques. They are really incredible and your teaching method and open, friendly manner made it easy, fun and interesting to learn. Thank you for the amazing work that you are doing.
    Deep PEAT has been invaluable to me for issues that linger on or remain after other efforts and techniques have been used.
    DP-3 has been an express lane direct to a specific issue. I have used it on weight loss, eating, and have utilized it with a female client to ease her transition through "the Change".
    Entities Handling has been wonderful for times in any processing where things seem to be stuck, and have difficulty moving on. I haven't had to use it very often, but it is a great tool to have on hand when needed.

    Again, Karen, thank you for opening the door to using these incredible methods. The rate of personal growth and change that I am experiencing is just skyrocketing now.

    I enjoyed and benefitted from our previous phone classes so much.
    With respect and gratitude,
    ~Erik Bragg

  • Training- a safe encouraging space

    Karen creates a safe and encouraging learning space with her teaching style. Yet she is thorough and precise. She knows the importance of the arising nuances that make using PEAT such an effective tool. She stays with you until you have embodied the essence of PEAT. From that deep knowing one now can work with most any client with great results.
    ~ Michael Bock