• In life a person goes through various experiences and challenges. They are faced with change and transformation on a daily basis. You can help them to face those obstacles without fear and stress. You can help them turn these obstacles into welcomed adventures with life coach books.

    My life coach books will be useful tools for you as you progress towards becoming a successful mentor to others. The life coach literature with provide you with an opportunity to study and advance yourself outside of our actual conversations.

    These life coach books are filled with different inspirations and studies from energy medicine and energy psychology. You will find plenty of insightful information that will further you in your professional mentoring career.

    My experience as a student of energy medicines and psychology includes studying the Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig and the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing of Dr. Meredith Young Sowers. A major influence in my professional energy studies began in 2001 with Zivorad Slavinksi and his Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence techniques.

    It is these studies that led me to my life coach certification with John Overdurf, co-founder of HNPL, and guided to the life of helping others change their lives for good. All of my experience and studies have been combined into these inspiring mentoring books that you will find so helpful for you journey as a professional life coach and/or online mentor.

    Take advantage of these motivational life coach books and use them to sculpt the kind of mentor you want to be. They make a fantastic addition to my life coach training and online mentor training. Contact Karen Gould Life Coach & Trainer today to order your mentoring books and discuss how to become the best mentor and life coach possible in the Dallas, TX area.