• Life coaching is an experience that can bring real change to the lives of those who are stressed and struggle daily. You can be the person who helps them achieve that change by acquiring my individual life coach training and continued support when you need it.

    In the area of individual life coaching you’re focusing on one life at a time. This life will present its own challenges and needs that require specific attention. You can help shape their lives into something positive and holistic, so it’s important for you as a coach to understand all essential elements of how to become the best life coach possible.

    Imagine yourself as the kind of mentor who brings peace and understanding to the lives of others. You can be that person that can show them how to rid their lives of negativity and usher in a presence of positive energy. This change can aid them in accepting the challenges of daily and becoming the kind of person they’ve always wanted to be. This is why individual life coach training makes a difference.

    My background in life coaching and the use of energy medicines is full of studies including the Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig and the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing of Dr. Meredith Young Sowers. In 2001, a Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence seminar by Zivorad Slavinski changed my life and I became a student, a PEAT trainer two years later, and ultimately the Administrator of the Spiritual Technology Association for two terms.

    You can change lives today here in Dallas, TX. Call Karen Gould Life Coach & Trainer today to learn how to get started on individual life coach training and begin changing lives.