• Your life coaching doesn’t have to be limited to the lives only here in Dallas, TX. You can mentor and change lives all over the world. With my online life coach training, your energy can reach beyond your city limits.

    Online life coach training can touch lives just as effectively as life coaching can face- to-face. The technology of the internet has truly opened the gates for the knowledge about energy medicines and psychology. You can share that knowledge with the world via the internet.

    In the modern world technology advances every single day. These advancements aren’t limited to just science, the advancements affect us all. The online communication via video chats and emails means you can create a flow of constant communication with those who you are mentoring. You can be there for them in moments of strife and success. Learn how to bring these elevating moments to your clients through my online life coach training.

    I’ve trained in several different techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig and the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing of Dr. Meredith Young Sowers. In 2001 I began a journey with Zivorad Slavinksi and his Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence techniques.

    These studies and my life coaching certification with John Overdurf, the co-founder of HNLP, have helped change the lives of others. As a life coach trainer, I’m aiding others in the experience of changing lives as well.

    My qualifications and techniques will shape you into an incredible online life coach with continuing support when you need it. I can show you how using the internet to reach those who need help with their life struggles.

    Call Karen Gould Life Coach & Trainer today to start your path as a certified online life coach trainer and begin helping others achieve positivity and inner peace. Receive the best online life coach training in the Dallas, TX area.